A career in Sales

Working in sales is not always the career of choice and if you speak to a range of sales people you will often find out that the majority fell into a career in sales and did not spend their life always aspiring to be a sales person.
Often a career in sales starts from a temporary assignment where applicants find out that they are good at it and enjoy it and are attracted to the possibility of being able to directly influence how much they earn.
Experience in sales is viewed as invaluable for someone who is ambitious and looking for a career where the long term aim is to achieve a higher level business management role . International business schools encourage experience within sales & marketing as an invaluable lesson for the executives of the future.
Certainly if you watch The Apprentice on BBC, you will hear Alan Sugar refer constantly to the importance of sales to the success of a business. Whilst he may not expect his apprentice to have come from a classic sales background he would certainly expect them to know how to sell.
A career in sales is a good way to build confidence. Sales people are judged exclusively by their results. They are expected to have high energy levels and perform consistently at high levels and be able to deal with the challenges that work throws them positively and confidently. However if you are the kind of person that takes rejection personally then a career in sales is not for you.
On the other hand if you are successful in sales then you can be confident about your position in the company as successful sales people are often paid more than other staff members and as long as they are producing healthy revenue for the business, the last to lose their jobs in a market downturn.

Working in sales you will be able to influence thinking, have the chance to travel; sometimes internationally; and you will develop many strong personal qualities along the way including presentation skills, time management, resilience, the ability to handle a variety of situations confidently and calmly and the confidence in being able to promote yourself.

It will also give you the chance to meet hundreds of other people and if you work with a good employer, the chance to progress into management positions.


by manuela on May 30, 2009

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