9 supercool jobs with languages

9 supercool jobs with languages


A boycerecruitment guide to;

  • What jobs you can get with languages?
  • What foreign languages are good for careers?
  • What foreign languages are most in demand?
  • What jobs you can get with a language degree?



  1. Localisation

What is localisation and why is it important to companies?

Your job role suits those who not only enjoy language work but who are keen to understand the cultural nuances of a language or dialect.  You are literally localising it.  The English language is the most widely spoken business language in the global economy in 2019 however how  we all use it varies greatly.  The Americans, Canadians, Aussies and Kiwis use it differently from the Brits but even we have our regional and country differences in our own small Island.  Localisation ensures that each local market has content which is appropriate to them.  This includes versioning the content for  language and dialect differences, but also cultural signposts such as humour, national differences, images and often ensuring that content that might be deemed acceptable in one culture is appropriate for another.


boycerecruitment recruits localisation roles in a range of sectors including;

  • Video Gaming
  • Apps, online & ecommerce platforms
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Marketing and communications
  • Translation
  • UX/UI
  • Broadcast & media
  • Translation & Editorial


  1. Branding


Brands are reassuring, potent and cross social barriers and borders and it is essential any business understands how their power will be interpreted in local market conditions.

For linguists this creates great potential as you are already connected to where these differences lie even if it is subconscious, which to be honest, is where the best at branding want it to be.


So what type of roles are out there for linguists?


  • Brand Storytelling and Transcreation

Creative agencies look for a narrative with their global audiences and for the brand to tell us a story.  These people are hired to set the scene and help brands cross language and cultural barriers?

These jobs roles can be found in Advertising, Creative, Digital agencies and can sometimes be called

In order to work in such a role you need to be able to demonstrate that you;

  • Know who you are talking to
  • Take the language content seriously. Both the source and target languages matter
  • Understand cultural differences and be open and adaptable to them
  • Demonstrate through your creativity and writing that you as the story teller are invested



  • Influencer

Influencers build communities and followers on behalf of brands.  They are supreme content creators and social media stars.  They have built audiences who are engaged and loyal. As a linguist you would be required to build the community within a region or territory in which you not only understood the language but the cultural nuances and dialects. For example are you able to understand the humour and tone of voice of the region or country you are trying to engage with


  • Customer Loyalty and Advocacy Marketing jobs

Customer advocacy is a form of marketing that means that your existing customers talk about your brand or service on your behalf.    Research shows that individuals trust their family & friends judgement and therefore brands want to build that trust.  Jobs in this area often focus on Account and Project Management skills and multilingual skills are highly beneficial as you are often required to manage projects and marketing assets over a large geographical region.


  • Jobs in Brand Research & Insights

Brands invest heavily in consumer insights.  They are keen to know what their potential and existing customers think about their own products and services as well as look at their competitors. They understand the power of the consumer and use the research to help understand trends, develop new products and services, improve the customer journey, as well as work with retailers and suppliers to manage stock levels , packaging design as well as understand where and how much of each product should be placed on the shelves.  Research companies have jobs for quant and qual researchers, data analysts and category managers.  Languages are often a prerequisite for these roles as you may be required to work with brands, services and manufacturers whose head office is located outside of the UK.


  1. AI


When we think of AI so often we think of an increasingly near future but the truth is we have been embracing it for years

Product development and technology have been drawing us to become more and more emotionally invested in our tech from Tamagochis and Furbys through to Siri and Alexa and the reflected glory of our Black Mirrors that are never far from our sight.

AI brings us all closer together and yet linguists are still needed for the  increasing need for complecity and comprehension in all languages including Klingon!


Alexa (the Echo Assistant from Amazon) already translates short sentences in English into 36 languages including Arabic, Hindi, Indonesian, Polish, Thai and many more — but just short phrases and words.


Some of the job options available include:

  • Computational Linguists
  • Account Managers and Client Services within automated language translation software firms
  • UX/UI Designers require commercial fluency in English as well as in their own language and of course HTML, CSS and Java


  1. Community Management

What does a community manager do?

A community manager creates their own social persona on behalf of a brand and actively engages with online communities to connect with existing and potential customers and to help cement brand awareness and loyalty

Multilingualism is a huge asset as brands are often interested in extending reach and developing an understanding and relationship with new customers.


Is Community Management the same as working as a social media manager?

A social media manager is responsible for dealing with those people already communicating and engaged with the brand.


  1. Programme Management

What does a programme manager do?


A programme manager is responsible for a portfolio of projects and or programmes usually across a wide geographical region.  Speaking more than one language has obvious advantageous to most commercial enterprises in these jobs roles but is also a huge advantage to International Organizations, NFP, Charities and Governmental agencies.


To work in these sectors an understanding of the language and some experience of living in other countries is a massive advantage.  Programme Managers often have undergraduate or Masters degrees in International Development, International Relations, Public Health, War and Conflict Studies or Women and Gender Studies.  Many degree courses offer the option to combine a language as a major or minor subject.


The  Programme Manager role requires exceptional organisation, communication and project management abilities. There is usually some, research and  lobbying skills required to understand and policy and to push for changes and amendments and you will be required to be numerate as all programmes and projects have financial milestones.


  1. Content Producer

Our consumption for digital content continues to climb and we are now accessing all our favourite pastimes; reading, listening to music, watching films, TV and chatting to friends via content delivery to our smart phones and devices.

Content can have extremely positive effects for brands if it is deemed as authentic and beneficial enough to share with those we trust.  Bad content can be damaging whether it’s across social, online, blogs, or email communications, branded content has to be well-designed, optimised for the device, and be a  genuine experience that goes beyond selling products or a services. Options for linguists in this sector are attractive and varied.  You will be an excellent writer in your native language and in your second language and have a thirst for continuous learning, be creative and able to succinctly portray the topic you are writing about.

You can transfer these skills and combine them with traditional job titles such as;

PR, Communications, Journalist, Editor, Digital Assistant, Marketer, Blogger and Vlogger


We have roles for linguists in content production within:

  • Tech, Financial Services, Fintech and Corporate Communications
  • Luxury Fashion Content
  • Broadcast & Media Content Acquisition
  • Creative Producers
  • Content Writers
  • Content Compliance Coordinators
  • VOD Content Coordinator
  • Content Marketing Executive


  1. Analyst and Associates

Many Analyst and Associate levels roles are recruited via the International Milk Round and Graduate schemes.  This job type is frequently found in Investment Banks, Asset Managers, Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Investment Managers, Management Consultancy and Accounting and Audit firms.

These job markets are truly international and a second language is a given as the individuals desire for international mobility.

Sometimes the duties of each job role are combined but often an Associate is a promotion up the career ladder.  Competition is fierce and the hours are long frequently being between 0900 am until the early hours of the next morning. This can be arduous but the financial rewards are often the highest within the job market place.

In order to work in this sector you should have consistently high academics, have pushed to get on intern programmes offered in your sector of interest and have a first rate job application process that may require you to travel internationally to attend interviews.


  1. Co-ordinators

Team Assistants, Office Managers, Administrators, PAs, HR Assistants, Production Coordinators and so many other derivations all offer opportunities for linguists to work.  Options to use your language skills in this type of job function are massive.  International companies need multilingual assistance and coordination.


This job role can open options for you to work in so many different environments.

Perhaps as an EA for a Board Director, as part of a PR Marketing Project, for an International Architects, in Luxury Fashion, for a global FMCG, in a Digital Agency, a Media Coordinator, a Post Production runner or a Broadcast Scheduler.



  1. Quality Management

The quality of translations for any business transaction can have a profound effect on the outcomes. In regulated industries such as finance, legal, pharmaceuticals, broadcast, media & advertising there is a duty of care as well to ensure that the words are accurate and have the intended meaning.


Within Quality Management you can use your language skills to great effect.

Jobs include:


  • Proofreader
  • Language Quality Manager
  • Quality Assurance Executive
  • Compliance Viewer
  • Project Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Terminologist






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