5 ways to enhance your career prospects
career prospects


1. Update your social media profile: employers will often turn to this to see what you are doing, who you really are and what makes you tick. Check your privacy settings. Too many people have embarrassing social pictures which they wouldn’t want to be seen by an employer.


2. Take on a new project at work, offer to be involved in something different, but make sure this doesn’t interfere with your key role . So many of our candidates discover new skills by doing this and often find that they have a natural ability or interest in something they would never have thought of before.


3. Ask an expert.  Get some good advice from an industry expert about the market. Speak to your recruiter to find out what people are looking for in the market, what skills are in high demand, what clients look for in interview and how to make your cv standout  from many competitors.


4. Go on a course, attend an industry event, conference or an awards ceremony (even better apply for an award) to find out who are the key players, and superstars of your sector and network. These are often great ways to build contacts.


5. Don’t just apply for jobs online… you can be playing one of the longest waiting games of your career if you just wait for an online application response. Follow up with a phone call, engage with the company via social media, make yourself heard without being too invasive and just really show your enthusiasm. You might find that your cv doesn’t reflect skills you have,  that an employer is looking for. A phone conversation could give you the opportunity to find out what matters and give you the chance to explain how you fit the bill. Some of the most memorable applicants we worked with called up before sending their cv, to find out what was relevant and important for a job they were interested in.

by Boyce Recruitment on February 18, 2014

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