5 easy ways to make sure you hire the best people.

1. Review what you are offering


The role

Have you thought about what you are trying to achieve with this role now and in the future? Should this be a time to change the way you look at your internal processes?

Is the job itself appealing?


When was the last time you undertook a salary survey ? Are you in line with market trends? Are you offering the best candidates what they really want ?

2. Make sure your job briefs are solid.

Job descriptions should be well written and enticing to candidates. They should be current and include the specifics of what you are tasking the person to do, who they are working with, what kind of clients they may deal with and any challenges that they may face in the position. Generic job specs are meaningless.

3. Review your brand and social media presence

Keep your website and social media content up to date, let people see what your latest industry and company news, what type of business you are, what your working culture is and how you are different.

4. Tighten your recruitment processes

Make sure you have the best people working with the best recruiters and commit to shortlisting quickly and efficiently and keeping the interview process moving – offering constructive feedback and regular updates.  Too many companies lose out on slow long winded recruitment processes. Candidates prefer working with companies that are decisive and  proactive.

5. Involve the best people

Use your best employees to boast about why the company is attractive place to work. There’s nothing more appealing to an outsider, who is comparing employers, to hear about the career progression offered first hand.

by Boyce Recruitment on October 3, 2015

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