We asked our Research & Insight recruiters which articles they felt were essential reading/ listening for the marketing recruitment sector. Here’s what they came up with :

Mental Health

Excerpt from Marketing Week on why marketing businesses should lead the way to providing support for mental health.  Read here:

The latest research from Bupa reveals that mental health has become a boardroom priority for 63% of businesses providing professional services such as marketing, with some 28% of those surveyed saying mental health is now a bigger issue among their employees than physical illness.

Why influencers are the new most powerful tool for Market research.

Nick Guy writes for RWConnectEsomar on some very interesting thoughts about our times. Read here

Gender Pay gap 

You Gov studies highlight that despite gender pay gap reporting, over 4/10 of workers are still not clear as to what that gap is. read about it here

What is true and what is fake?

“Never before in the history of humankind have we had so much information, so many facts at our finger tips, and yet much of what we think we know is wrong”.

BBC hard Talk interview with Mark Duffy, the exciting Director at Ipsos Social. You can listen to it here

Who owns the data ?

Finn Raben Director General at Esomar talks about the data/ tech privacy conundrum in the latest Research Live update.  Read about it here

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