30 Good deeds to do when you are 30

The countdown has started.

As part of our mission to celebrate our 30th anniversary we have committed to do 30 good deeds this year. So far we have as a company we have :

  1. Donated charity shoeboxes with gifts for underprivelged children
  2. Donations of clothing and tins etc to Whitechapel Mission
  3. Sponsorship of orphans in Zimbabwe for Sethule Trust
  4. Baked cakes
  5. Donated our old stationary to a local Maths group
  6. Participated at a school careers fair to talk about the opportunities and interesting work in the market research industry

Our next venture…

On Friday 16th May, we will be taking part in Business in the Community’s Give and Gain Day 2014. Give and Gain is a celebration of the power and potential of employee volunteering across the world. It is the UK’s only National Day of Employee volunteering. Since 2008, over 82,000 people in 35 countries around the world have taken part.

We will be working with the Bengali Workers’ Association (based close to Euston Square) and will be involved in projects at the actual community center and also at the local estate which is home to around 9000 people from a huge variety of countries and backgrounds.

We will be getting involved in painting a mural and also a fun day they are having to get the community together and overall try and smarten up parts of the estate. This will involve litter picking, painting etc. They will also have a marquee with activities taking place. Two local primary schools will be involved on the day.

We’re very much looking forward to it!! Keep an eye out on our facebook page and Instagram for updates on the actual day .

Manuela Boyce

by Manuela Boyce on May 1, 2014

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