The PR job market is an extremely competitive one, with many small to medium sized agencies struggling to stand out from the crowd and many larger companies spending considerable amounts of money on brand advertising and recruitment.

As we continue to see the rise in demand for talent there is an obvious recurrence of the types of skills that clients look for when they recruit people to their business, and those who are lucky to be able to demonstrate their skills in these categories are often the most successful in their job search.

I recruit for a large number of PR specialists in fintech and here are the top three attributes which I believe are the highest in demand for this sector.

 Industry experience

Having strong experience within the sector you wish to work in, e.g. tech, finance, corporate (PR is very sector specific, particularly as you move up the ranks, and people are often divided into teams according to sector specialism).

For those of you looking to change sectors, it’s not impossible but it isn’t common either. If you are determined to move from the industry you have been working in and really want to maximise your chances when applying to work in a new industry or discipline, then you should definitely consider building up a portfolio of work by writing free pieces for industry related blogs or publications outside of your usual working day.  It’s all about being able to demonstrate your understanding of the market, what makes a good story and knowing which are the most relevant publications.

 The ability to manage multiple clients and teams.

In an agency, you can often work with 5/6 clients at any one time across different teams, so it is important to be able to balance this as ell as be able to show your ability to deal with different stakeholders.

 Excellent writing skills

Strong writing skills at all levels is always essential. Agencies may ask to see samples of your work to gain evidence of this. They will always check your attention to detail on a cv and on any of your social media profiles which are easily accessible.

Employers will typically conduct a written test during the selection process to assess your ability to write about something in a fresh, engaging manner.


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by on May 2nd, 2017
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