10,000 sign petition to tackle youth unemployment

A petition has been signed by 10,000, with the aim of tackling Britain’s youth unemployment.

The document, organised by Channel 4 campaign group Battlefront, was handed over to deputy prime minister Nick Clegg on Friday (October 19th). It hopes to encourage the government to do more regarding the issue.

It was revealed last week that 957,000 young people aged 16 – 24 were out of jobs in London and the rest of the UK from June – August of this year, according to parliament.uk.

The petition is campaigning for guaranteed part-time jobs for those who have been unemployed for over 12 months, as well as more investment in youth services. It also urged employers to collaborate with schools to make sure young people get experience in the workplace.

The government had created a ‘youth contract’, which pledged to invest £1 billion into a range of schemes designed to help young people get into work. However, the Work and Pensions Select Committee told bbc.co.uk back in September that although the contract was a ‘good start’, more would need to be done to tackle youth unemployment.

Dame Anne Begg, chair of the committee, said: “There’s no doubt that the government is making real attempts to get young people into work and they’ve realised the importance of young people getting work as soon as possible. The difficulties are perhaps the volumes that they’re expecting.”

by Samantha Bartlett on October 23, 2012

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