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Personality of the week – Amelia Bradshaw

This week our Personality of the Week feature is looking at a Human Resources Manager working within Corporate Services. A good business strategy, one which is likely to succeed, is informed by people factors, and the role of Human Resources is to manage the ‘people’ aspect of any business. This integral function of a company […]

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Personality of the Week – Amy Hart

This week we have another featured personality. Our personality of the week is again a Presentation Scheduler within the Television industry. A Presentation Scheduler is responsible for organising everything that gets seen on screen by us, the audience. The role involves a high level of attention to detail and reactivity to changes that may appear […]

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Featured Personality of the Week!

Each week we will be featuring a different personality profile – giving you a unique insight into individual roles. It also gives you a preview of an industry and a snapshot of what is like to work there. If you would like to contribute to this blog with information about your own experiences within this […]

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