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Giving something back

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Two weeks ago members of the Boyce team gave up some time to give back to a local community in London and spread some pre-Christmas cheer!

With the help of Community Service Volunteers (CSV), a charity dedicated to helping people play an active part in helping local communities that may be in need of some extra support, we took a day out of our busy recruitment office to visit an Age UK team in Eltham and put on a Christmas party for some elderly people who may not get out as much as they once used to.

Most of the day was spent decorating hamper bags, eating biscuits and chatting to some lovely people with fascinating stories to tell, as well as listening to AND  dancing to  some Christmas music, a rewarding day was had by all.  We thoroughly enjoyed it and many of us found it an incredibly moving experience.

Age UK teams of (mainly) volunteers, meet in community centres daily, providing a much needed service to residents in the South East London area and throughout the UK also, transporting people from home to the site and putting on a fun day of activities. By volunteering,  we were able to help provide a more special ‘Christmassy’ day that would not normally have happened, offering support in financila resources as well as manpower. The feedback we had was extremely positive and the event was greatly appreciated by all who took part.

It is always good to give something back to the community and we would all definitely recommend doing something like this again.


Future growth

Monday, December 5th, 2011


What 2012 will bring in terms of job confidence is uncertain but is certain is that next year ain’t going to be easy times for some industry sectors. Businesses are constantly looking to review and revalue their assets including their employees to ensure that they are getting the most value for their business.


There are still however some really exciting growth areas, within the London media / broadcast sector there will be an increase in VOD specialists as the DVD market gradually loses its place in the home.


Within market research we have seen some interesting roles arise within the FMCG retail market. There is so much pressure on consumer related industries to analyse and use market research to examine their market and understand how to make better decisions in order to beat their competitors in what has been, in many ways, a retracting market. The internet has hit retailers dramatically and larger stores have been aggressive in trying to win as much customer loyalty as possible.


On the corporate and support team we have seen an increase recently in sales roles, and also client services or account management positions. Roles which are revenue related , even if they are not solely focused on bringing in new business , are critical to making sure customers stay with us . It is really important to be able to justify revenues. We have met with some really talented people recently who have been great at generating new business. They are however always looking to join a business which is constantly evolving and innovating as now is the time for many to use their skills in a role they feel truly passionate about.

December job hunters

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Now is a very pertinent time to look for a job as companies are keen to recruit before year end when they have budgets to spend and  already planning for 2012.

It is often a time when people are working harder than ever to stay in their job, as company year end deadlines reach a climax, but many employers who are looking for skilled peoople are willing to out mroe time in and be more flexible whenr ecruiting new people, offering  more workable interview times. The priority is to start 2012 without the added burden of having to look for new people.

Be wary of putting your job  search on hold. There could be less competition for roles at this time and January will surely bring in neww projects and activity which will prevent people from taking time off work.

November start

Monday, November 14th, 2011

November has seen the beginning of an exciting end to 2011: we have increased the temp workforce again and have received a large number of exciting new jobs to work  on for  some household names within the specialist divisions . We have also managed to put the ground work in on some exciting initiatives for 2012 / 2013 . 

For me personally, our most successful news for 2011 has been the continuing growth of business from many of our clients across market research, broadcast and language recruitment, and an unprecedented increase in the number of candidate referrals we are getting (This year has been the best ever) .

Whilst we have always had a relatively high rate of referrals, it seems that the hard work has paid off and we are not forgotten by many of our candidates. For us, the job market has gone against the grain of the forecasts we see in the press, and there has been a significant rise in the number of jobs becoming available within larger organisations as well as dynamic  smaller specialists. In just under 11 months we have seen revenues increase by 28%.

Attracting the best talented Researchers requires detail

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

The market research job market is still extremely buoyant particularly within the areas of consumer/ technology/ media  and online research. Some of the major research players have suffered as  specialist boutique agencies have snatched their business from them. Many clients have changed agency and moved to a smaller specialist as  they have felt that the bigger firms  offer less flexibility and creativity in their offering and as a result perhaps a lack of creativity. This has also had an impact on the aspirations of talented candidates who want to work for businesses who are genuinely interested in innovation and development.

Certainly bigger international agencies are able to offer immediate access to a global market and also claim to offer a holistic service to their clients. But the press is always highlighting the fact that individuals who are extremely talented in market research often seek something more entrepreneurial   which can offer them the genuine chance to make a difference to their clients. Business is often given to small suppliers on the back of recommendation and we have heard more and more often of successful researchers  stating that the work they get has usually been on the back of recommendation.

The recruitment process for bigger firms needs to change if they are genuinely keen to secure the talent they feel they need to add value to their business and make a difference to their clients. The whole approach of sending out market research job specs via online portals, with limited access to detail about individual roles and teams, dehumanises and removes any sense of  attraction to the most talented of people. It is hard to relate to a job spec if you don’t know more about the tea,, the projects and what the role is there to do for the business.

Unfortunately many onsite recruiters think that it is enough to just send out a job spec with the name of the business, but to make a real difference we  feel that in order to  attract the most talented of people, departments, roles sectors ned to have their own individual identity. Too many times have we had candidates reject the idea of working for a major player in the MR industry because of a bad experience that a friend or former colleague had within a different department or team.