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Preparing your job application

Monday, September 28th, 2009

With the ever increasing accessibility of the internet for job applications it is essential that you spend time looking at your cover letter and also headings in your cvs.

Recruiters are faced daily with a deluge of cvs, mostly with generic covering letters, in response to specific jobs advertised. Many of these cvs appear to have no relevance to the job in question.

Our clients also feel the same way. Whilst they are pleased with receiving a large volume of job applications, once they start sifting through the cvs, the question often springs to mind as to Why on earth would this applicant apply for this job when there is clearly no relevant experience?

It is all too easy to send out cvs these days, via online job boards, without spending too much time on thinking about how the cv reflects the relevant attributes for the job in question. Worrying about where to find work often means candidates get desperate and apply to a broad range of jobs that they otherwise wouldn’t apply to. There is no harm in this, we often have the same applicant apply for 5 or 6 different jobs we advertised, however the cv is always the same and generally appear to be irrelevant.

As an employer the volume of cvs we receive per position can be frustrating and time consuming . Part of that frustration could be avoided if job hunters remember to highlight specifically the skills that they have which are relevant to the role being advertised,. Using key words in a job description to highlight skills within the body of a cv would automatically distinguish one applicant over another.

For example a recent ad we published which specifically asked for skills with specific technical systems had over 250 applications. 249 of those did not have those skills on their cv and of those 11 had actually got those skills but had sent out a general cv and so these skills were not highlighted. As a result only one applicant was immediately invited for interview.

So remember, no matter how easy it is to send out a cv, always make sure relevant experience is highlighted for that specific role. You may find that you notice an immediate difference to the response you get for the jobs you apply to.

Turning the corner

Friday, September 18th, 2009

This is a very exciting time to be working in recruitment with many areas of business starting to turn the corner and feel more optimistic about their staffing.

Do not get me wrong, we are not out of the woods yet, but at least we do feel that businesses are starting to hire although this is not at the pace we saw 18 months ago.

Job boards are starting to see a rise in positions being advertised, highly qualified people are still sought out, and for this reason it is important to remember that your cv has to highlight the relevant experience for each job you apply to as the volume of applicants for each role means that there is less time to spend on each pre-screening application than there once was.

On that subject the number of applications per jobs still seems on the rise, I would confidently say that we believe it has nearly trebled this year. Some applicants are applying to any job and often more than one job, without paying much attention to the actual job description. Whilst it is frustrating for the applicant to not be working, it is also important that the cvs that are sent for the roles are carefully constructed. At this competitive time, it is even more important to build close working relationships with your consultant to make sure that help and guidance is there at every step on the application process.